Get ready for the release of our first album “Flying Jazzman Quintet, Live At The Village”. The date is set to 16. April 2020 and is being celebrated with a concert at Hifi Klubben Vejle. Only 30 tickets available and they will be released to members of newsletter first. The reason we are collaborating with Hifi Klubben is because of the fine work done by executive producer Thomas Vang and masteriser David Elberling at The Village Studio. The technology and craftsmanship is of superb quality and is worthy of being played as a reference vinyl LP in their store run by sound nerds and experts.

Søren Pedersen on drums.

The album was recorded 14th November 2019 in front of a live audience of 18 swing dancers who were dancing to the music. We did two sets of 45 minutes playing 20 different tunes, one time only, hoping that we could use 10 for the album. We are happy to announce that we succeeded. Of course there are musical errors but the music is alive and swinging which was our main focus. We hope that you will enjoy the album and please feel free to share with your friends on social medias and streaming services.

Mads Rahbek on clarinet.

The vinyl is featuring the beautiful and talented songstress Deborah Herbert who performed the only vocal perfomance on the album “Oh, Lady Be Good” with awesome energy and dedication.

Beyond vinyl the album will be available on all streaming services from 16th April 2020.